“Get up! Mom, get up!”

It’s a Sunday.

You lie in bed with your children.

Humid, sure, and a little crowd.

Another day at home.

You wouldn’t give this up for the world.

Everything happened so quickly.

Your move here. Your new job. Your new friend, the social worker.

You never thought you would end up here.

You always imagined the city dream to be more than where you were.

And in a lot of ways, it has. But in a lot of ways, too, it hasn’t really changed.

Caligtangan was your key to a life full of opportunity and promise.

And It turned out to be the fresh start you needed.

Your new beginning.

Your hope.

Because whatever you choose to do, you feel supported.

Through the conditions.

Through the struggles.

Through the "choices".

It was just a matter of embracing this wonderful community in Caligtangan.

A community that constantly supports each other. A community that feels like home.  

You are free.

This could be your reality. And the reality of your children. And the reality of future Ella. And Rina. And Chang.

If the system does its job to support people, it guarantees




For all Filipinos.


Caligtangan’s reimagined system can be our reimagined system.

Help us make it a reality.

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