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You start another day with your spouse and kids.

Greens as far as the eye can see.

Animals calling out.

A fresh breeze hits your window.


Money's been a little tight. You live with your parents and siblings.

Your spouse has always been aloof around your family. He suspects they're up to no good.

Today, he confronts you...

"Your family’s always a talk of this town..."

“They're into drugs. The whole family!”

“They sell some nasty stuff”

“I don’t talk to them. They’re bad influence."

"What if what the people are saying is true?"

That has always been in the back of your mind.

Maybe you've just never had the courage to find out the answer.

You've always wanted to ask, but you just can't.

"Tell me... does your family sell drugs?!"

No, that’s a lie!Yes, they do.

Even before you were able to respond,  he was ready to leave either way. He brings out a backpack already filled with clothes.

“I can’t be around this anymore. Good luck with your life... Or whatever you're doing without me!”

You are devastated.

A job at onlyP20 an hour? How will you and your kids keep afloat?

Your eldest: almost off to junior high school... his shoes don’t fit him anymore.

Your second: needs glasses... squints whenever he reads something.

Your third kid: starting Grade 1 this school year... needs supplies.

Your youngest: needs milk formula... but each bottle costs an arm and a leg.

Can your family survive if you stay here?

Move to the City